Employment / Income Documents:
☐Most recent 30-days of paycheck stubs
☐Bonus/Commission income: 12/31/2018 & 12/31/2019 year-end paycheck stubs
☐Most recent 2-years W-2’s
☐Most recent 2-years signed personal Federal Tax Returns (all schedules all pages). Please sign & date page 2 of the tax returns

Asset Documents: (include all pages even if the page is blank)
☐Most recent two months Checking and Savings account statements
☐Most recent two months or quarterly Retirement (401K) account if using for down payment or closing costs. In addition, please provide the terms and conditions of withdrawal which will be found in the Summary Plan Description booklet from the plan administrator.  
☐Most recent two months or quarterly Investment statements if using for down payment or closing costs.

Property Documents:
☐Recent Mortgage Statement(s) for all property owned
☐Homeowners Insurance Declarations Page for all property owned
☐Most recent property tax bill(s)
☐HOA Bill (if applicable) for all property owned
☐Final closing statements for any properties purchased within the last year


*Depending on your specific situation, additional documentation may be required to document your income, assets, or credit history*